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Apple iPad Pro spec rumours surface, will use A8X chip

Things have gone a little quiet on the iPad Pro front of late, but a new rumour has popped up concerning some of the specs of the incoming slate.

The iPad Pro is the 12.9in supersized version of Apple's tablet, and it's expected to have a new A8X chip on board which will up performance considerably, Technews reports (via Pocket Lint). That'll help to shift the extra pixels on the screen, as the resolution will doubtless be fairly chunky too – although it's unlikely to reach 4K resolution as some previous chin-wagging indicated.

The Pro model is also expected to have 2GB of RAM, which the iPad Air 2 will also have on board. The Air 2 won't have the A8X chip, though, and apparently a plain A8 chip will suffice for the engine of the Air successor.

While the iPad Air 2 is expected to be revealed next month (quite possibly 21 October, according to the rumour mill – and there'll be a gold version of this tablet, by all accounts), along with a refreshed iPad mini, the 12.9in iPad won't be seen at that event.

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All rumours are currently pointing to a spring 2015 launch for the iPad Pro (and its obligatory keyboard attachment, we're guessing).