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HP set to transform Worcestershire with £40 million contract

Worcestershire County Council has offered supplier HP the chance to both manage and upgrade its ICT.

The firm's Enterprise Services UK arm has just won a deal to look after all the county council's tech infrastructure, as well as get it off what are described as legacy telecommunications platforms onto a new unified communications platform - plus completely overhaul its entire end user computing strategy.

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Indeed, 100 per cent of its back office will get refreshed inside the first 12 months, according to Worcs - a process that could start as soon as next February, when the minimum five year deal is expected to commence. The final pound sign for the project has not been officially released but is believed to be in the £10m-£40 million range.

At the start of the procurement process the burghers estimated such a deal could deliver around half of a projected total £7.06 million operational savings. HP's may have won on price, beating at least 16 other bidders to the prize, suggest press reports, but what is said to be a "shared approach to risk" was also a factor in its win.

HP has also committed to support local SMEs, offer local youngsters help with training skills plus help those not in employment, education, or training (NEETS) get some relevant certification and training for the workplace.

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