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ITProPortal has a new look - and we need your help to test it

At ITProPortal, we're always trying to bring you the best news, commentary and analysis on what's new in the world of tech. Most of the time, we're writing stories about Apple's new iPhone, the newest security solutions on the market, or the latest stock drop from poor beleaguered BlackBerry. But we're rarely the subject of our own news coverage.

This is one of those times. That's right, ladies and gentlemen - ITProPortal is undergoing a revamp. One of the UK's first technology news websites is coming to you in an all-new redesign, and if we do say so ourselves, it's looking pretty hot.

So are we just boasting? Well, not exactly. The thing is, we need your help. Websites aren't designed overnight, and we want to make sure our readers have the best possible experience when browsing our site.

We also don't believe that we're the only ones who know how to make a good website great, or that there's only one experience that's right for everyone (we're not Apple after all!). What all this means is that we need your help.

Yes, ITProPortal needs your help. Isn't this awkward?

If you want to help out, we'd love you to explore our beta site (if you're reading this, you're on it now!). We're trying out a couple of different designs and layouts, so who knows which one you'll get? Doesn't that just add to the excitement?

As a thank you to everyone who signs up to be one of our exclusive beta testers, we'll be giving out our comprehensive whitepaper on how to stay secure in the modern world. It's a real cracker, so sign up now.

What are you even doing still reading this? Get exploring the all-new ITProPortal!