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Mobile app of the day: SwiftKey

SwiftKey is an alternative smartphone keyboard, and it is one of the most popular Android add-ons – and now it's available to iOS 8 users. The app's biggest plus point is the way it learns about your writing as you use it, so that its word prediction becomes more accurate over time. This helps you type faster, and is particularly useful for those of us who are not as accurate at hitting the right keys, or as fast at using on-screen keyboards as we might want to be.

There's also solid auto-correction which does things like correct spelling mistakes and add in spaces between words where you've left them out.

In addition there's a 'sliding' feature called SwiftKey Flow which some people find quicker than tapping at keys – I've never really got into that but I know people who swear by it. And if you are one of those bi-lingual types, SwiftKey will even handle two languages at the same time.

iPhone users need iOS 8 and SwiftKey is also available for the iPad running iOS 8 – although iPad users don't currently get access to SwiftKey Flow.

Click here to download SwiftKey for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: SwiftKey

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free