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Selfie snapping drone wearable stakes claim for Intel prize

There are all sorts of ideas for wearable tech – from mundane smartwatches through Google Glass to more off-the-wall ideas like smart shoes – but we guarantee you haven't thought of this particular concept.

Spotted by TechCrunch, this wearable is a selfie drone or "flying wristband" as the inventor calls it. It is essentially a mini-quad-copter with built-in camera that can be attached to your wrist, which can unfold its blades and take off, hover and snap a picture of you – then it will return, and you can strap it back on.

In other words, no more awkward looking selfies with a pic snapped crudely at arm's length – wherever you are on your own, this device will be able to take a nicely framed photo (or that's the plan).

The hardware is being produced by Team Nixie, and is a finalist in the Make It Wearable contest Intel is holding, meaning that it has already bagged $50,000 (£31,000) in funding. But it's still very early stages yet – the developer is preparing a prototype with Intel's Edison chip. The current actual working version (shown in the video clip below) looks pretty rough indeed.

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The winner of the Make It Wearable final will be announced on 3 November.