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Today’s tech: Wrist-mounted drones, iPad Pro specs, and Nokia Mexico’s handset scandal

Intel further peeping-tom technology

Selfie-snapping drone wearable stakes claim for Intel prize (opens in new tab)

Wearable tech is still a new market and businesses are still testing the waters as to what exactly people want in their wearable tech. Team Nixie, a finalist in Intel's Make It Wearable contest, has created a "flying wristband" that snaps pictures and records video.

The device is a drone-like quad-copter that folds onto your wrist and can be released when you wish to take a picture of yourself (or others). It then flies away, snaps a pic, and returns to you, the user.

Check out the article for a video of the device.

Why didn't they call it the iPad Plus?

Apple iPad Pro spec rumours surface, will use A8X chip (opens in new tab)

With the whispers that Apple will announce the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 in October, we've been expecting some rumours about the devices.

However new light has been shed on the iPad Pro, a 12.9in version of Apple's tablet, which won't be seen at October's event. The iPad Pro is expected to use the new A8X chip that should allow the device enough processing power to keep users happy.

Looks like Nokia Mexico is compensating for something

Nokia Mexico ordered to pay compensation over faulty smartphones (opens in new tab)

Consumer watchdog Profeco has successfully won a claim against Nokia Mexico for the production of faulty phones which were then sold on to customers.

The court has ruled that Nokia Mexico must either replace any defective smartphones or refund the cost of the smartphone and pay an additional 20 per cent for "damages" caused by the malfunction. The ruling stands for customers who've already filed a complaint and those who have yet to.