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3 reasons that Windows 10 will fail

Windows 10 was set unveiled in California yesterday and Microsoft will be hoping that its newest operating system finally rids the memory of the much-criticised Windows 8. After sifting through all the rumours and speculation, we've identified three crucial reasons why we think the upgrade will be another disappointment.

The legacy of Windows 8

The first hurdle Windows 10 has to get over is the fact that it will immediately start off on poor footing due to the shortcomings of Windows 8, which miserably failed to attract new customers and actually ended up alienating many existing Windows users.

The user interface of Windows 8 was radically different from that of Windows 7 and, unfortunately for Microsoft, a large proportion of users just didn't respond to it in a positive manner. That, along with some pretty scathing reviews, slapped Microsoft down straight away, and that will be difficult to recover from, even for a company as large as Microsoft. Windows 10 is going to have to be really special to convince people to get back on board with Microsoft.

More annoying tiles

I have to say, I'm not a fan of the tiled design that Microsoft rolled out with Windows 8 a couple of years ago. I just find the so- called 'Metro' interface rather garish and don't particularly enjoy having a bunch of different brightly-coloured boxes populating my desktop.

I was kind of hoping we'd see the back of them in Windows 10 (probably just wishful thinking more than anything else), but no, the tiles are expected to feature again, most notably in the returning Start Menu.

It'll be free, but not for everyone

According to reports, if you did make the jump to Windows 8 you'll receive Windows 10 as a freebie. Hooray! But, if you're still using Windows 7 you'll have to fork out for the upgrade. The initial outlook suggests that it'll cost something around the $30 (£18) mark.

This may not sound like a huge amount, but it seems a bit strange that only certain people will have to pay for the new OS. Of course, this is all still hearsay at the moment and hopefully everything to do with pricing will be cleared up during tonight's launch.

To stay up to date with everything that happens at the unveiling, tune in to our dedicated live blog (opens in new tab).

Sam is Head of Content at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and has more than six years' experience as a reporter and content writer, having held the positions of Production Editor, Staff Writer, and Senior Business Writer at ITProPortal.