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Have your say: Will Microsoft Windows 10 be an operating system game changer?

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 is its new OS as it sprang a surprise by opting for that name instead of either Windows 9 or Threshold.

Rumours have been flying for months that the new operating system will mark a step change for the Windows family. Indeed, confirmation of the return of the Start Menu, a new Notification Centre and a clear focus on the enterprise market has led some to claim that Windows 10 will far outstrip its predecessor, Windows 8.

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Still, considering the mixed reception that Windows 8 had, an improvement on that controversial OS surely wouldn't be that hard. After all, back in 2012 launching an operating system targeting the burgeoning tablet market made a lot of sense, but the lack of a Start Menu and Windows 8's colourful consumer focus alienated many business and PC owners.

Surely then, Windows 10 will correct these issues?

What do you think? Are you excited to see what Windows has offered, or does Windows 8 stand as an indelible strike against Microsoft's name? Answer our poll, or leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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