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How to watch the Windows 10 launch

As you may well be aware, today's a big day for Microsoft, as it's the first time Redmond will show off Windows 9 (opens in new tab) (aka Threshold) to the public.

This isn't the full thing they'll be showing off, but a technical preview version, although obviously it will still be highly interesting to see the next-gen desktop operating system in action.

If you want to watch the press event in San Francisco – which kicks off at 18:00 BST – live, however, you're rather out of luck as Microsoft has decided against offering a live stream of the event (going against the grain, rather, as most major tech events get a stream these days).

Maybe they're afraid that given this is a preview version, giant bugs are going to rear their ugly heads (if so, that'll be embarrassing enough in front of the assembled press, let alone the web at large).

Anyhow, while you can't enjoy a video of the Windows 9 reveal live, you can do the next best thing – tune in to our live blog coverage (opens in new tab) for a blow-by-blow update on exactly what Microsoft is unveiling. Sprinkled with our usual brand of incisive commentary and precisely observed humour, of course, and a load of pics which, if you scroll the page up really fast, will kind of look like a flick-book version of the event. Kind of.

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Well, it's as close to video as you're going to get...

Windows 9 – though the name isn't confirmed as such just yet, we're not sure what Microsoft would call it otherwise – is expected to deliver plenty of goodies for the mouse-and-keyboard users who hated the split-world of Windows 8 (the Metro and Desktop schism).

It should smooth a lot of things over for those who live on the Desktop and want an experience more like Windows 7 delivered, with the return of a traditional Start menu, the ditching of the Charms bar (opens in new tab), and new-style (Metro) apps that can run in windowed mode (shock horror, apps that can be run in a window in Windows operating system).

We may also see Cortana (the digital assistant from Windows Phone) integrated in some form (opens in new tab), and enterprise features are expected to be highlighted, too.

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So keep your peepers peeled on our live blog coverage here (opens in new tab). We've already started some chat focused on the build-up if you want to scoot over now, but the event proper starts at 18:00 as we mentioned (10:00 PST, local time), so don't be late!

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