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iPhone 6 gets green light in China, goes on sale mid-October

If you thought the delays we've seen with iPhone 6 orders on Apple's online store are bad, then spare a thought for Chinese punters who haven't even seen Cupertino's new handset go on sale yet.

Normally, China is one of the markets to be covered in the initial batch of countries where the iPhone goes on sale – but not this time around. Apple merely said that the iPhone would be available in China before the end of the year, but now we have a firm date – namely 17 October, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The move comes as Chinese authorities have now decided the handsets don't represent a privacy threat, specifically because of Apple's security features which are on board the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

China has been doing a lot of high-profile fretting over Western tech companies and security risks, particularly Microsoft of late, which has seen Windows 8 banned as a security hazard (and its other software is undergoing an antitrust probe).

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Apparently Apple has now addressed the security risk that China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was unhappy about, namely that the phones incorporated software that could potentially allow third parties to access user data.

China is obviously a big market, and an important one for Apple to get its hooks into further. Pre-orders will kick off on 10 October, a week on Friday, with the phones on offer from China's three major networks.