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This app will reduce your phone bills [Mobile app of the day]

Yep, it is a heck of a long name for an app, but don't let that put you off. UKPB Free Directory Enquiries does what its name suggests – it gives you free access to UK telephone directory searches. Well, there is a little caveat in there. You get ten credits to use the app for free every day. Use the credits up, and you can pay for more.

UKPB Free Directory Enquiries is produced by Simunix, the company behind the directory enquiries website, The app lets you look up the phone numbers for people and businesses in the UK, and you can check dialling codes for areas, or reverse check a code to see where a call originated from.

You can also perform location-based searches – for example you might want to know where your nearest branch of a particular store is.

Click here to download UKPB Free Directory Enquiries for Android.

Product: UKPB Free Directory Enquiries

OS: Android

Price: Free (with limits)