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Seed Forum Launches UK Pitch Training and Gives Free Fundraising Education to British Tech Start-Ups

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Seed Forum International Foundation

is celebrating its first UK pitch-training event by giving free investor pitch training to up to 10 UK-based technology start-ups. That’s not all—based on Seed Forum’s assessment at pitch training, up to four start-ups will go on to pitch to investors at the next Seed Forum in London on November 13th.

Steinar Korsmo, President of Seed Forum International Foundation, will conduct Seed Forum’s first UK pitch-training session on October 17th at the London offices of Gowlings law practitioners. Over the last 14 years, Korsmo has personally conducted more than 100 Seed Forum pitch-training sessions in more than 20 countries. He helped establish the first local Seed Forum in Norway in 2001 at the Campus Kjeller business incubator. Since then, Seed Forum has grown into an international network composed of thousands of investors, nominators, partners and alumni in more than 40 countries.

Seed Forum

The free pitch-training spots are open to early-stage, high-growth, UK-based businesses working in information technology. The first ten eligible start-ups that apply and are selected by Seed Forum stakeholders will be offered free pitch training in London on October 17th.

To register, start-ups should nominate themselves for the Seed Forum process at

by 12:00 British Summer Time on Tuesday 14th October 2014. For more information, see the announcement



The Seed Forum process is designed to reduce the risks associated with investing in start-ups. It also helps ensure the start-ups are “investor-ready” before they pitch in the investor-matchmaking forums.

The Seed Forum process consists of four stages: nomination, fundraising education, selection and investor matchmaking. First, start-ups are nominated for the Seed Forum process. Next, Seed Forum invites eligible start-ups to participate in pitch training. Seed Forum then assesses pitch-training participants and selects a number of start-ups to pitch to investors at the region’s next investor-matchmaking forum. These start-ups automatically join Seed Forum’s extensive alumni network of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Seed Forum pitch training is obligatory for all companies that want to pitch at an investor-matchmaking forum. Topics that may be covered in pitch training include investment documentation, due diligence, working with corporate finance partners, negotiating, exit strategies and so on. Pitch trainers also coach participants on presentation techniques and business cultures in different countries.

Seed Forum’s goal is “to facilitate a global market for seed and venture capital without regional or national borders.” To that end, Seed Forum brings together start-ups and investors from different countries to match with each other in the forums, which are organised on local, national and international levels. Seed Forum connects high-growth, early-stage businesses with private investors, seed funds, venture funds, private equity funds, corporate venture investors, family offices and financial intermediaries in born-global organisations.

Investors who are interested in attending the 26th UK Seed Forum in London on November 13th should register at