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Today’s Tech: Windows 10 launch special

The greatest Windows 10 live-blog on the Internet 

Windows 9 launch LIVE: Everything you need to know (opens in new tab)

At 18:00 BST Microsoft will unveil Windows 10 as a "technical preview" to the press. Microsoft has repeatedly asserted that the new OS doesn't yet have a name, but that hasn't stopped the masses referring to the software as "Windows 9".

Considering the adoption rate for Windows 8.x has been roughly the same as the number of people picking up Windows XP (even in 2014) we can only hope that Microsoft has learned from its mistakes with this version of Windows.

In a daring move Microsoft has decided to not publicly live-stream the event so be sure to check out the live blog for a second-by-second account of the event.

Rumour round-up

Windows 9: What to expect (opens in new tab)

You're probably bursting at the seams to know more about Microsoft's latest OS, so we've complied all the rumours and whispers into one article.

The change that most people appear to be excited about is the return of the Start menu that was cruelly culled in the last iteration of Windows. Windows 8's charms bar is also set to make a disappearance, to the chagrin of nobody.

Father and son go head-to-head in OSome battle

Windows 8 vs. Windows 9 - which will be better? (opens in new tab)

To see the young contender lock horns with its predecessor check out our head-to-head, in which we compare the two OS' feature sets, additions to the new OS, and subtractions from the previous OS.

Windows 9 or Threshold is rumoured to have a focus on supporting business and enterprise users rather than Windows 8's controversial design that aimed to bridge the divide between tablets and laptops. How that will affect Microsoft's design decisions is unclear, but we cannot wait to find out.