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Apple’s iPhone 6 proves a far more tempting handset than the Galaxy S5

Some new data has emerged from CompareMyMobile, which has produced statistics to show that the vast majority of iPhone 6 upgraders have traded up from an old iPhone – they're the Apple faithful, in other words, and there are many of them. That certainly wasn't the case with Samsung phones when the Galaxy S5 came out earlier this year...

So, according to CompareMyMobile, 88.2 per cent of those upgrading to an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus traded in an old iPhone handset. The majority, 56.2 per cent, traded in an iPhone 5, with 20.5 per cent swapping out their iPhone 5S.

Go back to the Galaxy S5 launch in April, and only 18.8 per cent of those moving to the S5 traded in an old Samsung smartphone. Indeed, 37.5 per cent upgraded to the S5 from an old iPhone.

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In terms of the overall picture, 51.5 per cent of everyone who was trading in an old phone with CompareMyMobile in September said they were upgrading to a new iPhone. That figure was much less at 21.2 per cent with the Galaxy S5 back in April.

A couple of final stats for you: CompareMyMobile reckons that existing iPhone handsets lost as much as 19.5 per cent of their value within two weeks of the iPhone 6 reveal. And apparently the most traded-in handsets apart from Apple smartphones are the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

It's no great surprise to see the Galaxy S5 trailing the iPhone 6 in terms of popularity after launch, as it's been clear for quite some time now that the S5 has been struggling. Way before the iPhone 6 came out, the iPhone 5S and 5C were both outselling the S5 – and they still are according to, although the iPhone 6 is the top selling model unsurprisingly.

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