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How to implement flexible working successfully

Unify has released a report that shows 43 per cent of employees would rather flexible work over a pay rise and the firm has produced a list of best practices that can help the process to go smoothly.

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The report showed that the increase in legal actions and “Right to Request” laws has meant that employees across all sectors are embracing flexible working and that companies must act sooner rather than later.

“Employees are serious about flex work,” said Bill Hurley, CMO at Unify. “In addition to nearly half of all employees preferring flex work over a pay raise, nearly one third said they would change employers if offered flexible work elsewhere. It is time to get on board—business leaders who ignore the Flex Work Imperative could find themselves suffering the loss of their best employees.”

Volume 4 of Unify’s New Way to Work Index advises companies that the decision to implement a flex work solution doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” situation by any means.

First and foremost, Unify instructs firms to create a code of conduct specifically for virtual employees that explains what the company expects from workers that decide to take part in flex work in order for it to be successful.

The best practices identified by Unify would see management setting an example by working from home for a few hours each week and using the technology on offer to enjoy the same interaction as would be the case if they were in the office.

Large numbers of employees told Unify that they would be happy working from home for a few days a week or even the chance to work for a few hours in the office before returning home to finish the job there.

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The UK embraced flexible working back in June with a bill that allowed employees to make requests for different conditions to the norm and as more employees learn of the bill, flexible working will rise.

Image Credit: Flickr (Dave Morris)