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How to prevent the latest iOS 8 bug

It’s fair to say that Apple’s new mobile operating system that was released just over a week ago has had its fair share of problems and there is now another one to overcome linked to iCloud.

Users have been reporting that the iOS 8 bug is deleting documents from iCloud Drive after using the “Reset All Settings” button even though it specifically states that it doesn’t do so.

Wired notes customers that opted into iCloud Drive when installing iOS 8 are able to view files across OS X Yosemite devices, iOS devices and Those users that chose not to use iCloud Drive have the problem and will only be able to see files on iOS 7 devices and OS X Mavericks desktops.

Any users that lost data as a result of the iOS 8 bug are urged to contact Apple support as they may be able to recover lost documents and MacRumors forum posters have found some success doing this. Otherwise a Time Machine restore should see that files are safely accessed once more.

If you’re an iCloud Drive user and thinking about performing a full reset the only advice is to wait for the time being and if it’s absolutely necessary remember to backup all Drive files before letting it play out from there.