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Pavlok wristband offers a 'shocking' way to break your bad habits

Have you ever needed a helping hand to break a bad habit? Maybe you want to stop hitting that ever-tempting snooze button on the alarm, or have finally convinced yourself that now would be the right time to give up fast food.

Or, you might have set yourself the target of going to the gym every day and just need a little bit of extra motivation every now and then.

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Well, the solution to all these problems has now arrived in the shape of a wearable wristband that can be programmed to give the user a quick zap of electricity whenever he or she does something they shouldn't be doing.

The band, called Pavlok, is now up on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and has already raised 90 per cent of its $50,000 (£30,000) target.

According to its website, "Pavlok offers a simple, wearable device that helps consumers form better habits.

"Using psychologically proven and user-tested algorithms, the Pavlok wristband enforces users' commitments to fitness, productivity and more - even if that means 'sparking' their commitment by delivering a mild (but jolting) electric shock."

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The strength of the electric jolt can be set to anything from 17 to 340 volts and, according to creator Maneesh Sethi, work is being done to open up the platform to developers so that accompanying apps can be made by anyone.

The habit-forming/habit-breaking devices are available for $125 (£80) via Indiegogo, with shipments expected to begin in April 2015.