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Promising Internet of things startup about to reach funding goal in just 3 days

Have you ever wanted to build gadgets around your house that take advantage of the Internet of things? Well one Kickstarter project that's a hair's breadth from completing their $50,000 (£39,700) funding goal believes it has the answer. Not only that, but it's caught people's imagination: the SAM project has only taken 3 days to reach nearly 80 per cent of its goal.

SAM is an "open and truly accessible" platform for building whatever you want out of the Internet of things. Think of it like a series of lego blocks that are able to communicate using Bluetooth. What's more, the London-based startup, has created a development kit that should allow anyone with a creative idea for connecting devices enter the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

The kit comes equipped with Sensor Actor Modules, electronic building blocks connected to each other and the Internet, meaning users do not need a high level of technical knowledge to get started. So if, for instance, you wanted a hand to wave whenever someone rang the doorbell, or a fan to start spinning when you clicked a switch, that's all possible – without any wires at all. And for kids (and those adults inclined), you can create games such as cars controlled from tablets. Basically anything your imagination allows. Excited yet?

"SAM is for anyone who wants to create games, products, apps, and get a head start in the Internet of Things," the team claims. "For the beginner to learn about technology, engineering, and coding. For the experienced inventor to accelerate their innovations."

"We want to level the playing field in innovation development, away from corporations with millions of dollars to spend on development and empower kids, young designers, start-ups, and small businesses," said SAM Labs CEO, Joachim Horn.

SAM comes in three variants depending on the user's familiarity with technology and coding. SAM Learn is aimed at getting seven to 12 year olds interested in IoT devices. SAM Make allows more experienced users to build their prototype device, whether it's a smart refrigerator or connected home lighting, while SAM Pro provides a gateway into the potentially lucrative IoT market.

ITProPortal has been following SAM in its funding adventure, and we're impressed with how quickly it's taken off! Head on over to the SAM Kickstarter page now to get more information and to pledge your support.