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Today’s tech: iPhone 6 tempts Galaxy S5 users, Sportslobster grows faster than Twitter, and dire consequences for ignoring T&Cs

Would you trade the Galaxy for a meagre Apple?

Apple's iPhone 6 proves a far more tempting handset than the Galaxy S5

Data has emerged showing that the majority of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users traded in their old iPhone for Apple's latest smartphone.

88.2 per cent of upgraders traded in an old iPhone handset, 56.2 per cent swapped an iPhone 5, and 20.5 per cent gave up their iPhone 5S for the pleasure of a new device.

For a complete round up of stats and facts check out the full article.

Ronaldo caught by the Spaniard taste for crustaceans  

How Cristiano Ronaldo-backed Sportlobster hit 1 million users faster than Twitter

We got to have a chat with the co-founder and COO of Sportlobster, Arron Shepherd, about his sports-based social network that's currently growing faster than Twitter.

Arron covers a number of issues faced by startups including; why the importance of networking can be overstated, how to attract and retain credible ambassadors (such as Michael Owen, George Groves and Cristiano Ronaldo), and why emotion is key to a great investor pitch.

Rumpelstiltskin caught conducting Internet experiments 

Would you give up your child for free Wi-Fi? These parents did

To highlight the dangers of free Wi-Fi the Cyber Security Research Institute conducted an experiment that caused several unwitting Londoners to forfeit their first-born in order to use the Wi-Fi service.

Include in the terms and conditions was a "Herod clause" that provided free Wi-Fi if "the recipient agreed to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity." Needless to say those caught in the experiment are unlikely to ignore the fine print.