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Watch the Windows 10 launch video as it happened live here

Microsoft disappointed a lot of people yesterday by not livestreaming its Windows 10 reveal. It was a strange move considering that most tech companies offer a stream these days (and even a bad livestream, as Apple gave us for the iPhone 6 launch, is better than none at all).

The reason why the Microsoft didn’t offer a stream is that it wasn’t a product launch as such, or even a presentation aimed at consumers. The company revealed the name - Windows 10! - talked about the benefits for the enterprise, and then quickly ran through an early build of the product. But while there was no livestream, the event was recorded, and it’s now available to watch.

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Even if you don’t usually bother to watch tech demos, this one is worth your attention. It’s only short (under 40 minutes), and you can skip ahead to the action if you prefer. The public demo start around the ten minute mark.

In the video we get to see the new Start menu in action, windowed apps, Windows 10 snapping, the improved command prompt and more.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview is set to arrive later today, so you’ll soon be able to have a play with the next version of Microsoft’s OS for yourself.

We liveblogged the whole thing last night, and you can read our immediate responses, reactions and analysis as they happened live here.