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Apple Pay set to go live with iOS 8.1 on 20 October

Further sources have confirmed the fact that Apple Pay will be going live with iOS 8.1, and the update will be arriving soon.

We've heard buzz about this already, of course, when developer Hamza Sood tweeted a code string in the iOS 8.1 developer beta that shows Apple Pay support is coming with the next version of Apple's mobile OS (and to the iPad as well, it would seem – which is also set to get the Touch ID scanner).

Now Bank Innovation is reporting that multiple sources close to Cupertino are saying that iOS 8.1 will include Apple Pay functionality, which will allow those in the US (initially) to pay for stuff with a wave of their handset (in retail stores that support the tech, of course).

Apparently, the expected release date for iOS 8.1, and therefore Apple Pay, is 20 October (right around the same time as the rumoured iPad launch event this month, which makes sense).

Plenty of other enhancements will be coming with iOS 8.1 of course, including bug fixes (which hopefully won't cause more harm than good, cough, cough, iOS 8.0.1), and improvements to Apple Maps, all you intrepid navigators out there will doubtless be pleased to hear.

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But it will be very interesting to see what kind of impact Apple Pay makes initially, and how successful it is Stateside. Not every retailer has signed up for the scheme, as it requires the installation of hardware (NFC sensors at checkout) which some other systems don't (like CurrentC which is a popular alternative in the US). As we reported earlier, some big names such as Walmart are putting their faith in CurrentC and shunning Apple Pay...