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Copyright-dodging ZenMate gains £2.5m in VC funding

ZenMate hit the Internet earlier this year to high critical acclaim. An easy-to-use VPN service, the browser add-on allows users to change their location and encrypts all traffic flowing to and from the user.

Since its launch, ZenMate has gone from strength to strength, and gained impressive brand recognition around the web. Now its efforts have been recognised by venture capitalists, with a recent round of funding gaining $3.2 million (£2.5 million) to develop the business. Prior to yesterday's round of VC funding, the company raised $1.3 million (£1 million) in October 2013.

ZenMate is available for desktop browsers Chrome, Opera and (as of yesterday) Firefox, in addition to mobile apps for iOS and Android. The browser add-on allows users to visit sites that might be blocked in their country of residence, or sites that use geo-filtering due to the copyright issues differing by area, for instance allowing users to watch Netflix in the US while actually being located in the UK.

Over the 18 months since its release, ZenMate has grown to serve 5 million users (up from 1 million in 6 months) and counts the US, UK and Germany as key markets.

For now, the browser add-on of ZenMate is free, although there's a rather ominous-looking warning assuring users that "You have unlimited free data during our launch phase." So maybe not for much longer? With so much VC funding behind ZenMate, after all, there's likely to be a lot of incentive to begin making a profit sometime soon.