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Digital technology could save the housing sector

The findings of a pilot into exploring ways to making digital a tool for social housing providers has just been published by non-profit The Tinder Foundation, which backed the research.

The so-called Digital Deal was unveiled at a special event in London this week, summarising the experiences of the 12 organisations who participated in the scheme from September 2013 until May 2014.

Bodies were given grants to let them test innovative ways of engaging tenants with digital skills, with projects focussed on those most in need, driving forward digital inclusion in the sector.

And the verdict? A claimed "lasting change" in awareness of the benefits of digital, not just among tenants, but also among staff from directors through to frontline support officers, claims the Foundation.

Embedding Digital

Key findings from the report included the importance of investing in getting digitally excluded tenants to transact online, the need to ensure websites and transactional services are fit for purpose, and the benefits of embedding digital skills into wider support services, establishing vital referral processes, says the group.

"At Tinder Foundation, we’ll be taking forward the findings from the Digital Deal programme, and we’re hoping to continue working really closely both with Social Housing Providers, and with government departments to drive this agenda forward," it adds.