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IP EXPO research reveals IT departments suffering from inadequate technology infrastructure

Ahead of the IP EXPO Europe which kicks off next week, IP EXPO has revealed some new research that sheds light on how senior IT pros feel they are being held back, and unable to innovate due to a number of factors.

Primarily, according to the survey of 300 IT director and managers which was conducted by Redshift Research, they're being dragged down by inadequate technology infrastructure, and a lack of IT skills.

62 per cent of respondents said that their IT development was hampered by their organisation's current infrastructure, and 65 per cent found it difficult to recruit staff with the necessary skills to make the most of complex IT systems.

However, even though these troubling issues are a thorn in their sides, IT pros do recognise the benefits of shifting to an agile model, and businesses are moving towards the cloud and virtualised desktops, to give a couple of examples.

27 per cent of those surveyed said they had implemented local virtual desktops, and 18 per cent were using Desktop-as-a-Service.

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When it came to the cloud, there were mixed feelings at least when it came to the increased usage of hybrid cloud strategies, with 47 per cent agreeing with Gartner's assertion that most organisations will soon be using hybrid cloud services, but 52 per cent disagreeing to "some extent".

The spotlight was also shone on software-defined networking (SDN), with four out of ten saying they are adopting SDN in their data centre, with 16 per cent implementing it on-premise. However, one in three don't have any SDN plans or are simply watching advancements for now, and moreover 12 per cent didn't know what SDN was.

One final nugget for you: Most of the IT professionals questioned weren't keen on changing suppliers when it comes to IT purchasing, with 81 per cent admitting that they'd rather stick with just one, or a limited amount, of vendors. 86 per cent said they didn't want to change their relationship with key suppliers.

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The IP EXPO Europe 2014 takes place next week on the 8-9 October at London's ExCeL centre, and you can register here.