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More iOS 8 woes appear as Apple’s iPhones hit Bluetooth issues

Apple's run of bad publicity for iOS 8 is continuing, with the latest gremlin to emerge being Bluetooth woes with the mobile operating system.

Yes, we've already had the usual complaints about a new version of iOS slowing older iPhones down, along with Wi-Fi and battery issues, and the expected bugs in greater quantity than normal – prompting a swift patch, iOS 8.0.1, which turned out to be a bit too swift as it actually introduced major flaws itself – and, deep breath, now we have reports of Bluetooth functionality going wonky.

Specifically, MacRumors notes that iOS 8 is causing iPhones difficulty hooking up with other devices over Bluetooth, with the tech site being contacted by readers daily regarding these issues, and its forums seeing plenty of posted complaints – along with Apple's support forums, too.

These issues (which have struck new iPhone 6 models, and older phones upgraded to iOS 8) include difficulty pairing the iPhone to car stereo systems over Bluetooth, or other flaws like disconnecting when the handset receives a phone call, or being unable to make calls. Apparently this affects a wide range of cars, suggesting it's an Apple software issue rather than a car manufacturer one.

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One MacRumors forum denizen, AntnyMikal, commented that his iPhone 5S worked perfectly with iOS 8, but has developed the problem since the release of version 8.0.2.

He wrote: "I have an aftermarket pioneer with built in BT. My phone connects but will not make or receive calls or import the phone book. The BT audio however does work for music and podcasts etc. When I go to phone my head unit shows 'dialling' like the phone is stuck in a loop for the phone function. Definitely 8.0.2, my 5s worked perfectly and my 6+ worked fine on 8.0. I've reset my 6+ cleared the 6 and HU etc. multiple times today and no joy."

Hopping over to the Apple support forums, user Dsjankelow reports: "Upon upgrading to ios8 my iPhone connects to my cars Bluetooth car kit (Audi A1 2012) but every time I place a call from my car the call drops from my car..."

The next post observes: "I am having exactly the same problem. Worked great up until yesterday, but since installing the update last night complete disaster!"

This isn't just a vehicle-related problem either, as iOS 8 users have also reported difficulty connecting to Bluetooth speakers, headphones and other devices. It would be quite something if the second 8.0.2 patch had also introduced further problems, albeit not as serious as 8.0.1's missteps.

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MacRumors notes that apparently Apple is "aware" of a Bluetooth compatibility issue, and those who have installed iOS 8.1 report that the problem is fixed in that version (which should emerge in a couple of weeks, right around the new iPad launch).

Let's just hope iOS 8.1 doesn't break anything else while it's busy patching holes...