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Tech News Weekly Podcast 38: The FBI slams Apple and Google, AI gets smarter, and the Shellshock bug shocks the world

On this week's Tech News Weekly podcast from, the headlines begin with Tom Phelan's news on why the FBI are concerned about access to Google and Apple devices. Alysia Judge talks about a new Artificial Intelligence called Amelia that promises to revolutionise business.

Plus, in a special feature length discussion we welcome Dan Raywood, Editor of the IT Security Guru to talk with Paul Cooper and Wayne Scott about the latest Shellshock securty scare, dubbed "worse than Heartbleed."

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Articles discussed this week:

Meet Amelia: An artificially intelligent computer set to transform business

Terror warning: FBI director sweating over Google and Apple privacy

Shellshock: How to protect yourself [UPDATED]

'Worse than Heartbleed:' Shellshock bash bug blasts OS X systems

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