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Today’s tech: Apple's own billboard trolls the iPhone 6, a Windows 10 run-down and iOS 8 Bluetooth issues

Samsung's trolling efforts beaten by billboard

Apple continues to get flak over iPhone 6 bendgate, rues unfortunate billboard ad placements

In the continuing PR nightmare that is "bendgate," Apple has become the victim of yet another vicious troll. The culprit? Apple's own advertising materials.

Photos from Germany and Denmark show iPhone 6 adverts adorning bent billboards and walls. Apple has been desperately fighting the bendgate scandal, but this recent blow is by far the funniest yet.

Looks like Windows 10 will be a fresh 'Start' for Microsoft

Windows 10 Start menu: Everything you need to know

Following Microsoft's Windows 10 unveiling on Tuesday, the return of the Start button has been confirmed. The firm presumably replaced the beloved button due to the intense backlash that met its disappearance in Windows 8.

The new button combines elements of Windows 8's Start screen with the familiarity and usability of the classic Start button. For a run-down of how the new OS acts, click the link to the article.

Apple users blue in the face over recent update woes

More iOS 8 woes appear as Apple's iPhones hit Bluetooth issues

These days, it seems that barely a week can pass by without Apple putting its foot in it. Following news that iOS 8.0.1 breaks the iPhone 6's call and TouchID capabilities, Apple has decided that the Bluetooth should be next to malfunction.

Apple's latest update to iOS 8 (iOS 8.0.2) has fixed the call and TouchID problems but now prevents iPhones from connecting to other devices via Bluetooth. Is there no end to the embarrassment?