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Apple to bring back camera roll feature with iOS 8.1

Apple ditched the camera roll with iOS 8, replacing it with a "Recently Added" section, but it appears that Cupertino is set to reverse course on this one, and bring the roll back.

This comes after many user complaints peppered the Apple support forums, and the internet at large, with threads featuring iPhone owners urging other complainers to send feedback to Cupertino on the issue.

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And that feedback may have flooded in thick and fast, by the looks of things.

One poster, JSL1360, noted: "Along with all the reasons everyone misses the camera roll, I too miss it for many reasons. I have a nephew and I would take all the pictures of him out of the camera roll and put them in their own album. Then use the camera roll as we all did. But now, I cannot separate the photos of my nephew because they all just show up in the 'photos' view. And it's a complete mess. A complete inconvenience... Every iOS update gets more confusing and less user friendly."

According to Product Reviews, though, Apple will bring back the camera roll with iOS 8.1, the update which is expected to arrive around 20 October (the same time as the iPad launch).

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The tech site has pointed to the beta release notes for iOS 8.1, which mentioned that a camera roll is present – and many will be hoping this functions as the original did, though it could potentially work differently to the iOS 7 roll, of course. Indeed, it could simply be removed before iOS 8.1 actually goes live, as this is still beta software... we shall have to see.