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Did you know? Copying CDs was illegal in the UK until this week

For those living in constant fear the cops would come calling for all those copied CDs, never fear from this week it is no longer illegal in the UK to copy CDs for personal use, despite most people probably not realising it was illegal in the first place.

Major reforms of intellectual property have come into force this week, and consumers are now allowed to make copies of artistic content they have bought for personal use. Prior to this, it was illegal to copy music from a CD to an MP3 player.

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The reforms also include more freedoms for parody videos, with those producing mock videos of copyrighted material now allowed to use it, as long as their use is "fair" and "proportionate." Rules that could safeguard YouTubers like Barely Political, who produce spoofs of pop culture and internet memes.

Minister for Intellectual Property, Baroness Neville-Rolfe DBE CMG, said: "These changes are going to bring our IP (intellectual property) laws into the 21st century. They will mean that the UK IP regime will now be responsive to the modern business environment and more flexible for consumers."

"Not only will these new measures provide a significant boost to the UK's creative industries, they will also better protect a number of sectors including the protection of the UK's design industry, worth more than £15 billion to the economy," he said.

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The government says its latest reforms to copyright will contribute £500 million to the UK economy over the next 10 years. They say: "The aim of these reforms is to support the reasonable use of creative content, without undermining copyright's important role in supporting the creative industries."