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Google Chrome shows impressive gains in worldwide browser market

Google Chrome saw more users than ever flock to its cross-platform browser in September as it recorded its biggest ever share of the global browser market.

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Figures from Net Market Share showed Chrome took 17.69 per cent of the worldwide market, which represented a rise of 1.58 per cent and it only trails Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser was the biggest loser in September as it dropped off by a surprising 1.05 per cent to sit on 11.84 per cent whereas Internet Explorer dropped very slightly [0.09 per cent] to stay on 49.12 per cent.

In the mobile browser market, Chrome [21.48 per cent] finally passed the Android Browser [20.7 per cent] that was its predecessor by rising by 1.82 per cent yet it still trails Safari, which has a 44.63 per cent share of the mobile market.

Worryingly the outdated Android Browser posted a small 0.09 per cent increase in usage despite the fact there is a major privacy flaw in every version of the browser that affects any users that haven’t installed a firmware update recently.

Net Market Share’s figures also showed that Windows 8 usage is on the wane with a drop of 1.11 per cent in market share from August to September handing Windows 7 1.50 per cent more than it had in the previous period.

It meant that Windows 7 took 52.71 per cent of the worldwide OS market share ahead of Windows XP with 23.87 per cent, Windows 8.1 on 6.67 per cent and Windows 8 took 5.59 per cent, while OS X could only register 6.4 per cent.

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Those Windows 8 numbers will remain stagnant or drop off slightly until Windows 10 comes out and the level of praise it receives will make some kind of difference to those weighty Windows 7 numbers.