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Introducing the first ever buying tool for Google Glass

Let's be honest, e-procurement isn't the most exciting topic in IT. It is, however, extremely important for businesses and, if implemented in the right way, can add a huge amount of value to a company.

Wax Digital, a provider of on-demand purchase-to-pay and sourcing solutions, is now attempting to make the whole process a bit more interesting and significantly more streamlined through the release of the world's first buying tool for Google Glass.

The UK-based company has developed an app that allows users to search for items, scroll through lists, add items to a basket and approve purchases, all within the same mobile platform.

The "web3 Wearable" tool was unveiled at the eWorld Purchasing and Supply Conference in Westminster by Director Daniel Ball, who believes that the app "really does point a way ahead to certain areas of purchasing and to improving those purchasing practices and processes such that they become much more seamless parts of everyday life."

This seamless aspect that he mentions is of course possible thanks to the mobile nature of Google Glass. Instead of having to stop whatever else you're doing to find a PC or laptop, users can complete the whole process wherever they are whilst doing other things.

So, why Google Glass and why now? Well, Ball points to the fact that technology adoption-cycles have been getting continuously shorter in recent years, "It took us maybe 10 years to get PC's on everybody's desks, it maybe then took five years to get mobile phones into the majority of business users hands and then only a couple of years to get smartphones rolled out across organisations.

"Wearable devices are the next generation of that and I don't think it'll take very long until we see quite a significant degree of penetration going in to corporate environments."

He also hinted that the final version of the tool will contain extra features that are currently being developed, including barcode and picture search functions that will use the Google Glass camera to "make the user experience as efficient, as effective and as good as it can be."

To see the beta version of the app in action, head to the Wax Digital YouTube page for a video featuring Daniel Ball and CTO Peter Kinder. Although there isn't yet an official release date, it is expected to be available for customers in November of this year.