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Mobile app of the day: Stopcast

I would normally think twice about picking an app like this – something with such a refined interest group as users of London buses – as my app of the day, but Stopcast really does do a needed job very well. And it is as useful to visitors to London as it is to those of us who live here permanently.

Stopcast keeps a list of the buses you use most frequently, and tells you when the next one is due. Now, there are plenty of apps that provide bus travel information but Stopcast takes a refreshingly minimalist approach to presenting its info, which makes it a real pleasure to use.

All your favourite buses are kept in a single list. You can add buses easily, tap and hold to reorder the list, and swipe one out of the list to delete it. When viewing details of a single bus, the full screen is devoted to telling you when the next few are due, and there's even a widget for the Notification Centre so that really keen bus users don't even have to open the app.

There's not a lot by way of added features, but you can look at a map and find buses near to your current location, or look for buses by postcode or stop name, making it easy to use the app in far flung corners of the city which you may not be familiar with.

Click here to download Stopcast for iOS.

Product: Stopcast


Price: Free