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New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 advert lays into iPhone 6 over bendgate

Samsung is wasting no time or effort in capitalising on the iPhone 6 bendgate affair, unsurprisingly, and has now produced a new advert for the Galaxy Note 4 which highlights the handset's resiliency to bending forces.

The ad (spotted by Apple Insider), which you can see above, doesn't mention Apple's smartphones by name, but it's clear enough what this is targeted at.

It's called "Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Endures the Gluteus Maximus", and shows the handset being placed in a back pocket and subject to repeated mock "being sat on by a 16 stone human" tests (several hundred of them), as well as a three point bend test, with a force of 25 kgf (don't ask us – apparently not that much if YouTube commenters are to be believed, but Samsung claims it's enough to break three pencils at once).

The phone can happily endure all this abuse, Samsung observes, due to its build quality and "mutually reinforcing structure".

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Of course, Apple was swift to show off its own testing facility and similar back pocket and three point bend tests, following the outbreak of bendgate. Cupertino has also claimed that there were just nine customer complaints over bent iPhone 6 models following the launch, and indeed independent testing has shown that the HTC One M8 (with its aluminium body) bends just as much as Apple's smartphone.

That won't bother Samsung, though, as bendgate has now gathered enough steam to keep on going strong, with plenty of fun being poked at Apple just yesterday, with bent iPhone cases being produced, and unfortunate billboard ad placements being highlighted.

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Samsung has trolled Apple on this issue previously, producing a poster of an iPhone 6 bending in worship in front of a Galaxy Note 3, with the tagline "bend to those who are worthy".