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Smart windows, a personal style advisor and beds in the ceiling: Welcome to the bedroom of the future

Smart technology is ready to transform the way bedrooms look in the future with an experience geared towards making sure occupants have the best night of sleep that is physically possible.

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Betta Living, together with a top technology commentator, has put together what it thinks is the bedroom of the future complete with new beds, mirrors and even a full gym.

Wardrobes will be transformed by virtual mirrors on the doors that display the contents of the wardrobe with items able to be browsed and virtually tried-on by using gestural technology.

Micro-tagging clothes shows up what is in the wardrobe and puts them together on a virtual image of you before advances in storage systems will hand the relevant garments over when needed.

The whole experience is akin to having a personal style advisor that looks through your diary, the weather and what has been worn previously to create the outfit of the day.

Transparent smart windows react to the time of day and season with a blackout option as well as various options that can display anything from a snow scene to a sunny beach.

Beds will be built in such a way that they can be hoisted to the ceiling when they aren’t being used to allow the space to be used for a home gym in a box, like the Domyos Training Box that has a weight lifting bar, weights, a bench, cardio step and mat.

Duvets of the future will be linked to body monitoring systems that adapt depending on the heat of the body in order to prevent night sweats. Pillows, meanwhile, could incorporate technology used in lamps to light up as you wake up and prevent seasonal affective disorder [SAD].

Wearables also have a big place in future bedrooms with headsets, like the Oculus Rift, replacing books and eReaders by providing an experience that will also include gaming and TV viewing.

The surface below your feet won’t escape from the technology revolution either with interchangeable surfaces so that one minute there’s what appears to be grass that suddenly changes to a sandy beach.

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“As people flock to popular urban areas, domestic spaces are shrinking but in our transformative bedroom, even the smallest of spaces will not restrict the homeowners in the future,” Barry Rourke from Betta Living added.Porthole Ad