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[WATCH] The BlackBerry Passport review

For the full review: BlackBerry Passport review

The BlackBerry passport is the Canadian company's comeback phone, and it's pulling out all the stops to gain your attention. For starters, it's now hip to be square.

While some might find the Passport's design baffling, Blackberry claims that the handset's square display makes it the must-have smartphone for any discerning business leader.

Its width means that you can edit documents and spreadsheets on the move with greater ease than other traditionally rectangle devices with narrow screens.It's certainly an innovative feature, and proof that after years of fighting Apple, BlackBerry is finally going back to its roots: Developing enterprise-based tools for getting work done. Its 4.5in display is bang on trend in terms of size.

BlackBerry's trademark keyboard has also returned, but with an unexpected twist: running your fingers over the buttons turns it into an extension of the touchscreen. The Passport also boasts a 13-megapixel front facing camera, that's perfectly respectable among the HTC One M8s and LG G3s that are stacked on our shelves at the moment.

So while the phone's limited app selection remains the Passport's Achilles heel, there's plenty to like here. But is it enough to catapult BlackBerry back into the smartphone spotlight? Read our full review on ITProPortal to find out.