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BBC iPlayer catch-up window extended to 30 days

The BBC has announced that it is extending the catch-up period for its iPlayer service to 30 days.

Previously, viewers could only view content up to seven days after it was originally aired.

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Ralph Rivera, the BBC's director of future media, said that the decision to extend the catch-up window was a result of the service's popularity.

"I'm really pleased that we're able to give our audiences longer to watch and listen than ever before."

BBC iPlayer launched in 2007 and now boasts more than seven million TV and radio requests each day.

Tony Hall, the firm's director general, added that it was time to extend the service that "pioneered online viewing."

"Extending the catch up window to 30 days now makes the best value on-demand service even better," said Hall. "We have a fantastic autumn schedule and the public will now have more opportunities to watch the shows they love."

The extension is also likely to have been influenced by the huge surge in online streaming, boosted by the popularity of services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant.

The BBC has also revealed the most popular TV programmes on its iPlayer service between January and August this year.

The first episode of Sherlock's third series was the most popular show, attracting 3,643,900 requests, while the number one requested series was Eastenders.

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The decision to extend the BBC iPlayer catch-up window was originally announced in April, but will come into effect from today.