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Get the best possible photo every time with Vhoto

Do you struggle to take good quality photos with your handset? It's not surprising, and snaps can be particularly tricky when trying to take an action shot. It's not always easy to get the precise moment right – that moment when the subject gives their broadest smile, or when the dog that's doing something funny is at the optimum mid-air moment.

Dedicated cameras have burst mode shooting to help with such things, and some handsets have the ability to take several photos of a scene and then let you select the one you want to keep. Vhoto does things a little differently, but its aim is the same as these features – to give you the perfect shot by capturing what you might have missed.

With Vhoto you start with a video. You can shoot one through the app, or it will work with an existing video. Then it analyses and suggests some individual frames that would make good stills. You can fine tune selected stills frame by frame to get what you are looking for.

Vhoto has a few effects you can add to photos too, and it'll create a six second video highlight for sharing with other people. It is quite amazing what individual frames can reveal that the eye can miss. If you don't believe me, try Vhoto for yourself.

Click here to download Vhoto for iOS.

Product: Vhoto


Price: Free