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Google Nexus 6 mock-up video shows relative size compared to other smartphones

As you may be aware, rumour has it – and indeed, there have been some fairly strong repeated rumours on this front – that Google is going large with its next Nexus smartphone.

The Nexus 6 (or possibly Nexus X) is expected to creep up to the 5.9in mark, which might concern those who don't want a larger phablet-style device for their pure Android experience.

Anyhow, if you were worried about the potential size, apparently this Nexus model will be a pretty similar size to the Galaxy Note 3, despite having that larger display.

The video (spotted by BGR) above was put together using a render mock-up of the Nexus 6 created by Dave Kover which was posted to Droid Life, and it shows the Nexus placed next to a series of other phones to give you an idea of the size difference.

It features comparisons with the Note 3, Galaxy S5, LG G3, Nexus 5 (which is dwarfed), the new BlackBerry Passport, and of course iPhone models. With the obligatory groovy lounge music in the background...

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It's definitely worth a watch for those who are keen to get an idea of the potential size of the 5.9in phone, which is also expected to have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 to equal the G3, and a Snapdragon 805 paired with 3GB of RAM. It will look rather like an upscaled Moto X 2014, Motorola's latest flagship which has just gone on sale (though of course it won't have the same customisation options, presumably).

Google will hopefully be revealing the phone before too long, with current whispers indicating a mid-October unveiling, so that could mean next week.