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Lenovo Smartband joins the fitness gadget race

Lenovo is pushing forwards on the hardware front, and getting its finger in the fitness wearables pie with a new planned fitness wristband.

The Lenovo Smartband joins the growing ranks of fitness wearables, including the likes of the Samsung Gear Fit – the device which was judged (back in July) to be the number one selling tech gift this Christmas in the UK, with the Fitbit Force and Garmin Forerunner 15 coming in behind it at numbers two and three. That's how popular these gadgets are becoming...

Lenovo's effort was spotted by The Gadget Show when it appeared on the FCC's website over in the States.

The Smartband will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and tracks all the expected stuff such as movement, heart rate, and sleep cycles. The battery life will apparently be good for a full week, which is an advantage these sort of simple fitness bands have over smartwatches.

Exactly when the Smartband might come out isn't yet clear, but as soon as we hear more, we'll keep you updated...

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Whether or not Lenovo intends to go further with wearables and strike out with an actual smartwatch is another area in which we'll be keeping an eye out for developments.