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Made in Taiwan: Taitronics 2014 opens for business

Taitronics 2014, Taiwan's most eminent electronics trade show, has officially opened its doors to over 500 exhibitors and thousands of guests.

We're on the ground in Taipei to cover this prestigious event, which is now in its 40th year. Taitronics has one of the longest exhibition histories in Taiwan, and stands as an important trading platform for buyers and sellers in the industry.

Encompassing over 1,200 booths, the sheer scale of Taitronics 2014 is testament to Taiwan's position as a technological leader. Its ICT output is number two in the world, second only to the US, and is growing rapidly.

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Internet of Things, cloud and big data

This year's show has been built around four strong pillars, or themes: Broadband, cloud, home appliances and the Internet of Things. With the slogan "Green electronics, Smart living," Taitronics 2014 aims to help businesses ease into the age of mobility with the environment as a key focus.

This is not an idle statement either. Last year's show allowed companies to chalk up deals worth US$45 million dollars, and at the rate global economies have gained momentum in 2014, this year is expected to be even more prosperous.

Stay tuned for the latest news and developments from the Nangang centre in Taipei over the coming days.