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Microsoft Surface Mini and Surface 3 ready for festive tablet battle

Microsoft’s oft-rumoured Surface Mini tablet could arrive this festive period after tweets pointed to it being released alongside a new Surface 3 slate.

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A tweet from TK Tech News mentioned that the two tablets will be launched prior to the Christmas period with no other details on the price or even the specification that will befit the devices except for the fact it will ship in limited quantities.

Rumours about the smaller tablet have been around for over a year with many of the belief that it would be released at the same time as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that was outed earlier this year.

Conflicting rumours have mentioned a screen size that is either 8in or 10.6in and that the make-up of the device is much slimmer and lighter than its larger sibling with no other information so far detailed.

The last we heard from the Surface Mini was in the latter pages of the Surface Pro 3’s manual and a range of different accessories posted for sale to Amazon that were later hastily removed.

The Surface 3, on the other hand, supersedes the Surface 2 tablet that was originally released around this time last year and it’s likely to enjoy a similar feature set to the Surface Pro 3 except for a different, less powerful processor under the hood.

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Both slates, if and when they are released, will take advantage of Microsoft’s newly announced Windows 10 OS when it finally rolls out to devices at some point in the mid part of 2015.

Image Credit: Flickr (Jason Howie)