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10Duke creates technology to enable rapid, predictable and manageable implementations of applications for the online world. We narrow the gap between base technology and real world business cases, reducing cost and risk for our customers.

We package our technology as products. These are comprised of cloud-based APIs which offer robust back-end services for integration with a variety of client types and include:

File+ API: an advanced cloud-based service for storing, delivering and managing online multimedia content

Entitlement API: A cloud-based service for defining and executing access policies across devices, people, companies, IP assets and software applications. Our Entitlement API helps to determine who can access what content from what device in what geography and when.

Identity Provider API: a cloud-based Identity Provider service that provides both Single Sign On for users to access multiple web applications and a single point of access and authentication for Enterprise users to seamlessly access a federated set of 3rd party applications.

The 10Duke Software Development Kit (SDK): a rapid application development framework for quickly creating new applications or adding new features and functionality to existing applications. Dramatically reduce development times from months to weeks

Used independently or in concert, 10Duke products offer simple, yet powerful building blocks for application creation and provide business owners and developers a significant shortcut in delivering applications that can compete and scale.

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