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Aastra Telecom (UK) Limited

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Aastra Telecom is the UK arm of Aastra Technologies Ltd a C$700m global company with direct offices in 30 countries and operations in 104 countries.

Our broad range of telecoms technology includes communications systems (Aastra 400 for the SME and Aastra MX-ONE™ for the Enterprise), a range of handsets, mobility solutions and applications such as the Solidus eCare™ multimedia contact centre.

We serve customers with 2 to 500,000 ports and we are Europe’s leading telecoms vendor for SMEs with less than 100 users and number 3 by overall extensions.

Thanks to our history of both organic growth and acquisition we often help customers to evolve their existing installed equipment and to maximize their return.

We are particularly strong in areas such as mobility (with the Aastra Mobile Client+, Aastra OneBox unified messaging application and cordless handset solutions) and collaboration (with a proven range of unified communications tools).

Our commitment to open standards based technology means that we deliver flexibility and future proofing to customers.

B3, Armstrong Mall
Southwood Business Park

Telephone: 01252 532631