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Alcatel-Lucent UK Ltd

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With our more than 7,500 people in 130 countries and 2,200 partners worldwide,

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers solutions across three business segments to

more than 250,000 customers worldwide.

• Networks: Creating the infrastructure to enable the delivery of real-time applications
across converged networks, data centers, service-aware networks and managed access

• Communications: Enabling collaborative conversations through communications
platforms and end points, unified communication and collaboration applications,
and video solutions.

• Genesys: Engaging customers in conversation through customer service applications
and social engagement.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is part of Alcatel-Lucent, a leader in mobile, fixed, IP and optics
technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services for service providers. We are built
on a history of innovation that includes Bell Labs, one of the world’s foremost centers of
research and innovation in communications.
Working in trusted relationships that start by listening to our customers’ needs, and
backed by a global ecosystem of experts and partners, we collaborate on solutions
that power growth and innovation for our customers through improved customer and
employee engagement. We bring an unmatched heritage of ideas and execution to
enable companies to transform communications into meaningful conversations across
customers, partners and employees.

Communications: Enabling Collaborative Conversations.
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communications solutions reduce your costs, optimize employee
conversations and enhance access to knowledge across the enterprise. They enable you to
improve productivity and business outcomes by making it easier to for people to connect
and work together. Our communications solutions increase mobile workers’ efficiency
by enabling them to access information via any device and conduct business anywhere.
With Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communications solutions, your business can simplify and
enhance business processes while facilitating fast-decision-making within your organization.
Solutions include:

• Unified Communications & Collaboration
• Visual Communications
• Next Generation Telephony & Applications
• Mobility

Networks: Delivering Real-Time
An Application Fluent Network from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ensures that users experience a consistent, high-quality conversation with reduced complexity for IT and network managers. An Application Fluent Network achieves this result through a simplified, resilient and low-latency network architecture with built-in security. An Application Fluent Network features
automatic controls for tuning the priority given to individual conversations based on user, device and context.

Application Fluent Networks also deliver streamlined operations through automated provisioning and low power consumption.
Our Application Fluent solutions include:
• Converged Networks that provide a single network for voice, video and data.
• Data Center Switching that provides a scalable and low-latency data center fabric.
• Service Aware Networks that provide an always-on private WAN.
• Managed Access Services that provide Ethernet services for enterprise and residential buildings.

Genesys: Engaging Customers in Conversation.
Genesys customer service applications strengthen customer relationships and optimize business results by proactively engaging customers with an ideal experience through any channel and device they choose. This approach identifies customer needs, preferences and their unique value to deliver a consistent conversation at every touch point, turning customers into brand advocates who will not only provide a reliable revenue base, but also drive new business.

Genesys solutions direct more than 100 million customer interactions around the world every day. These solutions leverage customer investments and enable rich customer service solutions as a result of an open platform philosophy and flexible deployment models, including cloud services. Genesys solutions include:

• intelligent Workload Distribution
• Social Engagement
• eServices
• intelligent Customer Front Door™
• Workforce Optimization

Helping Customers Create New Conversations
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is dedicated to helping you transform your communications into meaningful conversations.

Our unmatched solutions and services offer you the innovations you need to change the conversation in your business and across your organization. Here are just a few of the ways Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is helping customers change the conversation today:
• Groupama. Changing the conversation for insurance claims with proactive, cross-channel, location-based customer engagement for the iPhone.

• Reece & Nichols. Changing the conversation between agents, buyers and sellers in real estate with unified communications across a range of smart phones.

• Telstra. Changing the conversation for new telecom and information service subscribers by prioritizing applications and reducing processing time by as much as 40 percent.

• National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children (USPCC). Changing the conversation for
child social services by enabling 50,000 one-to-one chats in the first year of implementation.

• Shangri-La Hotels. Changing the conversation with hotel guests through improved employee engagement, skills assessment and training.

“Alcatel-Lucent has always been a strong player in the enterprise market and we applaud their development innovation in their strategic solutions. Alcatel-Lucent has moved ahead with new
products in all three parts of their business. Genesys released their G8 suite of software;
Communications unveiled the OpenTouch architecture, a move in the right direction; and
the Network business announced their Data Center vision anchored by the OmniSwitch 10K and
6900 products.”

Chris Barnard,
Telecoms and Networking,

Change The Conversation In Your Business!
To see how you can benefit from integrating the innovative solutions, and extensive support
and services offered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise into your business, we invite you to visit Stand C12 at IP Expo. Or visit us at

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