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For today’s software-defined businesses, digital performance determines success. At AppDynamics, our Application Intelligence Platform empowers businesses like yours with adaptive, powerful tools to monitor, manage and optimise the most complex software environments.

We start with user interactions, rather than infrastructure, so our platform is able to collect millions of performance data points across applications, servers, databases and other business-critical systems. With this context-rich data in hand, we enable you to identify performance patterns and anomalies, giving you a clearer understanding of user experiences. When problems arise, our platform allows automated fixes for common issues, and alerts you when deeper intervention is needed. And this continuous feed of information gives you the ability to directly correlate software performance with business impact.

All of this happens in real time, in production, giving you more visibility, understanding, and control across applications, infrastructure, and user experience. What’s more, you have the added flexibility of cloud or on-premise deployment, so you get a solution perfectly tailored for your environment. Best of all, you know more and know it faster, so you have certainty that your digital business is running flawlessly.

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