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Avere Systems

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Avere Hybrid Cloud puts an end to the rising cost and complexity of data storage with the freedom to store files anywhere in the cloud or on premises without sacrificing the performance, availability or security of your data. Scale performance and capacity separately and take advantage of new storage media using dynamic tiering. Achieve unlimited performance scaling, eliminate latency and cut storage costs by more than 50%.

Avere Hybrid Cloud is a groundbreaking solution that changes the economics and functionality of data storage for the cloud era. Avere Hybrid Cloud enables companies to leverage public and private storage clouds for workloads previously limited to on-premises high-performance storage systems.

Integrating legacy NAS with the cloud, Avere Hybrid Cloud delivers:
•Unified single global namespace of all files to manage all data regardless of location
•Scalable performance guarantees CPU and network IO for demanding applications
•Scalable capacity enables a large working set of active data, up to 450TB, to be stored on-premises to ensure low latency access to data
•Clustering for high availability ensures data is always available even during network outages and other failures
•NFS/CIFS support provide seamless accessibility
•Secure data transit with AES-256 encryption and local key management

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