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Azlan UK

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Azlan UK - a business division of Computer 2000

Azlan is the converged infrastructure expert, the key to unifying communication technologies and the bridge to IP integration.

We enable businesses of all sizes to access the latest technology and infrastructure solutions.

Converged Infrastructure solutions drive business agility, innovation and performance improvements, while reducing risk, complexity and cost.

Unified Communications and Collaboration offer a single solution to managing the growing multitude of communication mediums. Telephony, voicemail, video, email, instant messaging, etc can be integrated into a single, optimised and efficient platform.

Mobile Security The increase in cyber terrorism and the uptake of wireless communication means that protecting data becomes an essential element of a companies IT strategy.

Virtualisation enables a reduction in the number of physical servers (mail, internet, printer, CRM, ERP) a business needs to deploy for its ICT, saving not only the cost of hardware and maintenance, but also significantly reducing datacenter space and power requirements.

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