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BakBone Software

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BakBone Software’s flagship solution NetVault®: Backup helps customers easily embrace VMware data protection with the flexibility to protect all virtual machines on ESX servers through VCB without scripting. BakBone’s VMware certification builds on the company’s success in the virtualisation market.

BakBone's NetVault: Backup VMware Plugin offers integration through the NetVault: Backup user interface, providing simple, yet powerful VMware data protection. While many other solutions on the market require complex scripting to work properly with VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB), BakBone incorporates these capabilities into a point-and-click user interface to simplify users' experiences and give them the power to protect more complex and dynamic environments.

The NetVault: Backup VMware Plugin gives administrators automatic integration with supported devices, including a VTL, SAN, NDMP or locally-attached drives. It offers greater granularity for Windows on VMware by allowing customers to backup and restore individual files within virtual machines and empowers storage administrators to create comprehensive, flexible backup policies without the need to understand VCB internals.

BakBone’s VMware Plugin is an easy-to-use, robust solution that allows administrators to set backup policies and restore data from the ESX or VCB servers without scripting, ultimately saving valuable time.

BakBone’s NetVault: Backup effectively leverages VMware virtualisation to deliver easy-to-use data protection for VMware environments, enabling customers to protect their virtual data with flexible options to meet their specific needs. BakBone's VCB integration through the NetVault: Backup user interface provides a simple, yet powerful way to support joint VMware and BakBone customers.

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