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Bashton Ltd

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Established in 2004, Bashton Ltd is a company dedicated to providing outstanding support for Linux and Open Source software. Since our inception we have provided round the clock 24/7x365 support, and this continues to this day.

We recognised that to build infrastructure which scales well, it needed to be as ‘horizontally scalable’ as possible - that is, it should be possible to add more machines and increase the performance.

Bashton provide support and management for the entire range of Linux-related Amazon Web Services. Our focus is primarily, but not restricted to, e-commerce where we have designed, implemented and continue to manage a number of large on-line retail sites running on the Amazon Cloud.

Today, we provide consultancy, support and management to a number of very recognisable names in Europe, North America and Asia. Still unashamedly a small, niche company, we deliver technical excellence and insight to our customers.

Bashton Ltd
Chadwick House
Birchwood Park

Telephone: 0161 424 9600