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Bit9, the global leader in Advanced Threat Protection, protects the world’s intellectual property (IP) by providing innovative, trust-based security solutions to detect and prevent sophisticated malware and cyber threats. The world’s leading brands rely on Bit9’s award-winning Advanced Threat Protection Platform for endpoint protection and server security.

Bit9 stops advanced persistent threats by combining real-time sensors, cloud-based software reputation services, continuous monitoring and trust-based application control and whitelisting – eliminating the risk caused by malicious, illegal and unauthorised software.

The company’s global customers come from a wide variety of industries, including Government, e-commerce, financial services, public sector, healthcare, retail, technology and utilities. Bit9 was founded on a prestigious United States federal research grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology – Advanced Technology Program (NIST ATP) to conduct the research that is now at the core of the company’s solutions.

Bit9’s Global Software Registry is the largest and most comprehensive repository of software and software information in the world – a massive analytical engine with over six billion records and growing at a rate of up to 20 million files each day.

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